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I just want to talk about dogs and learn about dogs and read about dogs and play with dogs and nap with dogs and hike with dogs and and and…..

I think I first got puppy fever around this time last year and now my obsession has grown to the absurd O_O

I really struggle to relate to folks who hate dogs because they find the time we spend on our dogs’ care to be completely idiotic.

I just don’t bother anymore trying to relate to people who hate dogs. 

the dog side of life is the best side of life

Timing is equally important when training with negative reinforcers. The horse learns to turn left when the left rein is pulled, but only if the pulling stops when it does turn. The cessation is the reinforcer. You get on a horse, kick it in the sides, and it moves forward; you should then stop kicking (unless you want it to move faster). Beginning riders often thump away constantly, as if the kicking were some kind of gasoline necessary to keep the horse moving. The kicking does not stop, so it contains no information for the horse. Thus are developed the iron-sided horses in riding academies that move at a snail’s pace no matter how often they are kicked.

The same applies to people getting nagged and scolded by parents, bosses, or teachers. If the negative reinforcer doesn’t cease the instant the desired result is achieved, it is neither reinforcing nor information. It becomes, both literally and in terms of information theory, “noise.”

Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor (via classicalequestrian)

(Source: unhappyhorses)

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